As all our players prepare for their first matches this weekend, spare a thought for the Team Manager of Team Managers, Tim Boekhoorn, who has been busy preparing all our teams for the upcoming season.

Tim’s job is busy at the best of times, but COVID has made his job exponentially more challenging as he ensures the Club and all our Team Managers are compliant with the safety measures, as well as all the logistical changes that COVID has brought with it.

“Tim is basically the conduit between the committee room and the footy field and the role of Team Manager of the Team Managers has included prepping uniforms and equipment, learning and passing on rules and regs, running Info Sessions for Team Managers and even goes as far as counting out best player vouchers” said Club President Matt Mazzuchelli. “Tim’s a busy man with work and family commitments, so it’s remarkable he can find the time to do what he does for the Club.”

“It’s been a busy few weeks, but it’s now up to each team manager and I think we have a great bunch of parents in charge of their teams this season” said Tim to a reporter as he was getting into his car after going to the gym (pictured).

With the season now up and running, Tim’s predominate role at the Club will be managing the Year 12’s (in his son Zahn’s team) as well as providing some humorous match day reports for the parents late on a Sunday Night.

2020 will be Zahn’s (pictured) last year at the Club, but clearly a gluten for punishment, Tim and wife Megan also have Ari (year 4) and Hugo (year 2) coming through the Club, so we look forward to locking them into their roles for many years to come.

Megan is kicking goals as the Club’s Auskick Coordinator but that is an article for another day pending some sneaky photos!

If you see Tim at the footy this weekend, be sure to say thanks and give him a COVID fist pump.