Dear Marist Families

It has been an interesting start to the 2020 season with the training and match start dates having been suspended due to the Corona Virus outbreak. All matches have been postponed until at least 31 May by the WAFC and the Newman Sports Association has suspended any training taking place at their facility until State Sporting Associations have approved the commencement of activities.

As it stands, the Marist FC committee is still planning for our season to commence shortly after this date including placing all registered players into respective teams and establishing training and match times to ensure when the season commences we are ready to hit the ground running.

The Committee believes strongly that now more than ever it will be critical to show our young players the importance of being involved in a team and working together to achieve mutual success as well as taking their minds off the stresses of everyday life. We see the roles of your children’s coaches as critical in the next few weeks in terms of engaging players and getting them thinking about preparing for the rigours of training and matches. We have almost finalised the appointment of all your children’s coaches and they should be in contact with your family in April.

The next few months will be a fine balance for the committee and parents around wanting to get stuck into the 2020 season and managing associated risks with the Corona virus. Please rest assured that Member Protection will be at the forefront of all decisions of the committee now more then ever and preparations are being made to ensure when we reconvene our club is minimising any viral risks.

Understandably, the next few weeks appear critical with regards to the current outbreak and whether it worsens or gets better will play a big role in what the 2020 football season will look like.  I have asked the committee to undertake planning around both scenarios playing out so we are well prepared no matter what.

Despite the above, we are all really excited about the 2020 season and have some great activities planned for your families.

Should you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of the Marist FC committee.

We appreciate your concern and patience in this time.

Matt Mazzuchelli