The Marist Football Club holds a number of events throughout the year and we ask Club members to support our events where possible.

Events are generally around providing football information / recognition, social events or fundraisers.

All events endeavour to provide a safe, welcoming and fun environment for your children and families, and we encourage you to get along to as many of the events we are holding in 2020. We guarantee you will meet some great people in the Marist FC community.

If you would like to contribute towards the events in any way through labour or donation of goods etc, all support is welcomed and helps with the club’s fundraising.

We look forward to seeing you at the next function!

  • 8 March, Marist Open Day @ Club

  • 19 March, Marist AFL Tipping Comp Closes

  • 5 April, WAFC Parent Umpire Training Course @ TBC

  • Jumper Presentation Night

  • 24-26 April, Round 1

  • 8 May, Auskick Gala Night @ Club

  • Girls Movie Night

  • Auskick Movie Night

  • Parent’s Movie Night

  • Boy’s Movie Night

  • 5 June, Mal Green Medal Night @ Club

  • 26- 28 June, Sock it to Sarcoma Round

  • 24-26 July, Naidoc Round

  • 7-9 August, Volunteer Round

  • 12 September, Club Awards @ Club

  • 11 September, Girls Grand Finals

  • 13 September, Boys Grand Final